Zombie Reckoning 008: The Battle for Teen Angst

You remember that age, right?  When you hated everything and rebelled just for the fact that you can?  Or that time that you did a striptease in the cemetery and ran around naked for a couple of hours with a bunch of teen punks?  That’s what the Zombie Reckoning Podcast is for!  Join Ron and Hammer as they put two horror classics against one another in seven categories and see who comes out on top!  It’s


lost  vs.  return-3



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2 Responses to Zombie Reckoning 008: The Battle for Teen Angst

  1. Erik says:

    Good old show Ron, man it seemed like Hammer didnt even want to be their on the show he sounded a little annoyed by stuff or maybe it was just me, but Return of the living dead is a classic its just a fun watch its funny creepy an WTF shit going on Thom Mathews an the old guy are just awesome in the movie, maybe its just an age thing that Hammer didnt get its the 80s man, an for The Lost Boys its definetly a 10, when this movie came out my sister had it an I watched prolly once or twice a week for probably a month showing it to all my friends it was an still is fucking awesome!!!!!!!

  2. NortheGreat says:

    Hammer is a weird cat. He doesn’t love looking at old horror and when we were recording this, we were sometimes recording two or three episodes in one sitting. I love both of these movies, that’s why I chose this one to put out for a birthday bonus.

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