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As a kid, I fell from a tree one stormy wet rainy day. As a result, I broke bones and ribs and I was bleeding internally, which led to a very looooooooooong hospital stay — not the funnest of times!
THANKFULLY I had these two Colorforms kits and Casper The Ghost on TV to keep my mind off the bad stuff!
Being a MONSTER LOVER, my parents knew just what to get me to ease the pain! These two Colorforms kits were my salvation! I lived and breathed them. Today, these rare 60s Colorforms kits are super iconic to me!
I’ve become kind of obsessed with these sets! The beauty lies in their simplicity!
1The Create A Monster kit was just chock full of Frankenstein Fun! I loved putting together these characters and making them move by creating new scenes over and over! The background alone was made for a kids imagination and this set just ROCKED!
The Creepy Glo Forms kit had everything! A super fun swamp, glowing creatures and a cool haunted house silhouette! I loved placing the creatures in new places and believing in my mind that this was a real place! Did I mention that both of these Colorforms kits GLOWED IN THE DARK? OK that alone is the chiller on top of the cake!
I own both of these kits still today and can tell you they are ICONIC and AMAZING!

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4 Responses to Unleash Hell 28

  1. Scott Polen says:

    As a child I remember a favorite colorform set that I had, I can only remember that it was I believe it was set inside a castle or haunted house and that there were monsters. Unfortunately I can’t remember much else. I have found Castle Dracula fun house colorforms and the monster lab, I don’t think it was either of those. Do you know of any other monster colorform sets ? Any information you may have would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  2. reszombie7@gmail.com says:

    I had a bunch of colorforms as well. The one I remember most is The Smurfs, but I am sure I had some Star Wars ones. These things were awesome!

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