Hall of Fame

A movie is inducted into the The Resurrection of Zombie 7 Hall of Fame when the combined score given to the movie by the two reviewers is 18 or over.

1st Induction:

Episode 1: Scream


Ron’s Score: 10/10

Hammer’s Score: 10/10

Total: 20/20


2nd Induction:

Episode 32: A Nightmare on Elm Street

elm street

Ron’s Score: 9/10

Hammer’s Score: 9.5/10

Total Score: 18.5/20


3rd Induction:

Episode 49: Psycho


Ron’s Score: 9.5/10

Sherry’s Score: 9.5/10

Total Score: 19/20


 4th Induction

Episode 63: Halloween Special


Ron’s Score: 9/10

Hammer’s Score: 9/10

Total Score: 18/20



5th Induction

Episode 144: Carrie, Carrie, Carrie


Ron’s Score: 8.5/10

Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Score: 9/10

Michele Eggen’s Score: 10/10

Channy Dreadful’s Score: 8/10

Total Score: 35.5/40


6th Induction

Episode 145: Alien

alien poster metroid

Ron’s Score: 9.5/10

Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Score: 9/10

Jay of the Dead’s Score: 10/10

Total Score: 28.5/30

7th Induction

Episode 176: The Crow


Ron’s Score: 10/10

Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Score: 10/10

Total Score: 20/20

12 Responses to Hall of Fame

  1. Todd says:

    Still can’t believe hammer is keeping the exorcist out. I demand a recount.

    • typhanei says:

      I totally concur!! Exorcist is the progenitor of all things just creepy, chilling, disturbing, horrible….Also, what about Martyrs? That shit disturbed me & I laughed through HumanCentipedes (ridiculous, just some movie about shit eating & Salo or 120 Days of Sodom by Pasolini is way better). Exorcist is & always will be one of the absolute, hands down BEST horrors ever made. Gore and actual story line!

  2. Hammer says:

    Aww… so sad the demon with aspirations of lying in a bed didn’t make it. :)

  3. Todd says:

    That’s an improper argument. Any movie can be dumbed down in that manner. Norman bates was just a weirdo with mommy issues. The exorcist is a classic! Take into count the era. It’s the same argument as babe Ruth or Jackie Robinson or Pete rose wouldn’t have had half the production they did in their era if they played in this era. It’s 100% correct pitchers are better conditioned to throw harder, parks are bigger, and everyone is on steroids. Those guys would suck today. But to bring it back around, you don’t discount their hall of fame status, because like they were great for that era and genre, so too is the exorcist my friend.

  4. Jeff Hammer says:

    I wasn’t dumbing it down, I just think it’s small scale in terms of how scary it is. I gave it that it was surely scary for the time period and that it was scary perhaps if you saw it as a child. I truly don’t think it’s as good a film as Nightmare on Elm Street or Scream, but of course, that’s my opinion.

    • typhanei says:

      Are you shitting me??? You think Freddy is scarier or more disturbing than seeing an innocent 12 year old girl turn into an uncontrollable monster, sticking her mother’s face into her bloody vag after raping herself with a crucifix??? Did you actually watch the movie? B/C just in Cinema in general, your argument is uneducated. Not to mention the effects. Jesus, you must be joking… “oh i can’t sleep mommy coz you killed a child molester & now he’s killing my friends” waaaaa, really? Oh fuck dude, & I love the entire Nightmare series, I mean ALL of them, but they aren’t even CLOSE to being in the same category! My fave is Night of the Demons but I’m not going to compare it to fucking Dracula, am I? Wow. Just fucking WOW.

  5. Todd says:

    Fair enough. I respectfully disagree. And will periodically tote for an induction lol.

  6. typhanei says:

    The Exorcist is as much a classic as Psycho, too, I might add.

  7. Ginger says:

    Night of the living dead

  8. Todd says:

    Ahem. It’s been 3 years, i did say I’d be back to tote for an excorcist induction. And Hammer did officially change his score….. 😀

  9. NortheGreat says:

    Your resilience has been noted.

    Also, on Night of the Living Dead, we haven’t yet covered it on the podcast, so it hasn’t had the chance to get the score needed to be in the HALL OF FAME.

  10. Erik says:

    Night of the Living Dead an Dawn are both 10s but that’s just some stupid fan talking.

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