Episode 61: Cheerleader Massacre

cheerleaderThis week we finish the movies of the Slumber Party Massacre franchise by massacring cheerleaders…in the woods…in the snow…without cheerleading outfits…or weapons.  Yep, it’s Jim Wynorski special!  Join Ron, Hammer and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they do what no one thought was possible and become the first (and only) trio to ever take a look at this film in depth.  We’ll look at issues with continuity, lack of gore, decide whether or not this counts as porn, talk about bathing with nuns in bathtubs full of milk and more!  Find out which reviewer has a smurf tattooed on their ass, an update on Hammer trying to coping with being the dad of a daughter who is dating and Little Miss Horror Nerd inches closer and closer to reviewing porn.

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One Response to Episode 61: Cheerleader Massacre

  1. Heather says:

    Now that I have listened to this I have to go back and rewatch this. Yes you read this right.. I’ll be rewatching this. I’m pretty sure when weeks ago I mentioned I was going to watch this on Horror Haven Hammer told me not to waste my time. That it was horrible. I want to go back and see a few things that were mentioned on this. Then I’ll probably watch Cheerleader Massacre 2 that’s on Netflix. When’s that podcast going to be done. :-) Oh and I laughed during the whole chocolate syrup bath scene.

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