Episode 274: ONE NIGHT STAND – Happy Birthday to Me

birthday1It’s that time on the show where we take a break, sit back and have a little fun before our next big commitment. This time we are having a one night stand with ten high school (maybe college?) kids.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and special guest host Cakewolf as they travel back to the early 80s when all slasher films had to have a holiday attached to them.  In this episode, by Patreon request, they will be looking at the 1981 film, Happy Birthday to Me.  Topics of discussion include why Jessica hates fraternal orders, Cakewolf’s obsession with things that are terrible and Ron’s hatred of twin reveals. How does this movie hold up after almost 40 years?

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  2. Erik says:

    Good reviews guys and thanks Ron I was hoping you were going to get around doing this one day on your show :)

    Yeah their is a lot of problems with the plot, but for an early 80s slasher movie I like what they were trying to do.
    I found this movie in my Aunt an Uncles basement they recorded off HBO or something when I was like 11 and it really amused me, the Kills were all cool and still pretty much are, the plot did seem a lot better when I use to watch it as a kid but now days watching it I do see and feel all the problems with but still enjoy it as one of my favorite slashers. I still have to give it a 7 for a rating its just a dumb stupid fun little horror movie for me, its one of those for me to but on in the background while Im playing around on the computer or something like April Fools Day or My Bloody Valentine.

    For Phantasm next that’s awesome!!!!

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