Episode 272: Survival of the Dead

survivalTime is nearing the end for the Romero Living Dead franchise as we come to the last movie in the franchise.  Let’s hole up on and island, run from the zombies and hope for the best! Shit, here comes the National Guard and there goes the neighborhood.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and a mystery guest that is so mystery we still don’t know who they are as they comb through George Romero’s last film, Survival of the Dead. The battle of what to do with the zombies rages on and Jessica takes a definitive side while Ron eggs her on trying to get her to yell.  Mission accomplished. No one is safe — not even the horses!

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6 Responses to Episode 272: Survival of the Dead

  1. I’ve listened to most of the episodes, which is the BAD one you keep mentioning?! I NEED to know what’s bad about it hot dammit!

  2. I would have been the mystery guest!

  3. My dog is basically my child, I have to agree with Jessica here.

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