Episode 271: Diary of the Dead

diaryWe have seen the zombie apocalypse grow from a small farmhouse to the entire population of a large American city — what’s next?  Scale back, take in the found footage fad of the 2000s and give the world Diary of the Dead — a film about film students travelling at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and a mystery guest as they travel through this movie on a winnebago full of guns and cameras.  Topics of discussion include the Night of the Living Dead timeline, the film’s preachiness, is it a found footage film and ridiculous scenarios. Can the deaf Amish guy save the film?!!

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4 Responses to Episode 271: Diary of the Dead

  1. Erik says:

    I havent seen this movie since it came out but its funny I remember almost every part that you guys brought up and talked about, this movie is a 2 at best and feels like it was made for a college project nothing about it made sence, Ive heard their making another Day of the dead remake again but fuck if they like doing remakes of Romero zombie films cant they start with this one instead of an already classic good zombie movie? Sorry to logical.

  2. I want an ugly Christmas sweater for my work party made out of Jessica’s cat fur. Jessica, make it into the shape of your anger incarnate. I should win the contest then.

  3. So glad you guys covered Darien’s favorite movie. He likes to watch this one back to back with Strays.

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