Episode 270: Land of the Dead

landYou thought Romero’s zombie films ended with the original trilogy?  This particular zombie apocalypse is just getting started!  Travel Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and their second mystery guest of the season as they jump ahead years and years after the initial zombie outbreak to post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh because of course, it’s Pittsburgh to see how the rich and the poor live their daily lives side by side with the zombie threat. Can even Dennis Hopper survive the zombie threat and live comfortably.  Our money is almost always on Dennis Hopper.  This is the second out of four mystery guests to come and talk zombies so let’s get our zombie on!



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5 Responses to Episode 270: Land of the Dead

  1. SEE!? She just makes up her own reality! You didn’t have a son eh? EH?!

  2. When Jessica plays Pokemon, she doesn’t let the Pokemon she doesn’t like evolve.

  3. I saw this in the theatre and I still remember feeling very confused when I left. I think the departure from earlier films was risky, and left this one feeling like it was trying to be a “grindhouse” film like we’re seeing a lot of these days. More of a tribute than an original film…

  4. Erik says:

    Now im confused I thought you were conceived from Cake & Wolf??

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