Episode 260: Wrong Turn 3 – Left for Dead

wrong2We are back in the woods of West Virginia and ol’ Three Finger is showing now signs of wear and tear from the multiple wounds he has attained, so that’s not good news for any who dare enter those woods.  This time, it’s a bunch of prisoners.  Yep, we are to the “inmate” movie in the franchise.  That can’t be good.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and Channy Dreadful as they traverse through the woods chained together trying to avoide traps that will hack their face off.  Topics include bad sunburns, unlikable characters, continuity plotholes while trying to maintain continuity and Jessica’s lack of clothing in amusement parks.


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One Response to Episode 260: Wrong Turn 3 – Left for Dead

  1. Dildo Face Nelson says:

    This is my favorite movie! And this is my favorite franchise! I can’t wait for the next sequel!!!!!!

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