Episode 257: ONE NIGHT STAND – Hell House LLC

hellhouseWay back in 2009, in the town of Abberdon, NY, something happened at the Hell House haunted attraction.  Fifteen people died inside the attraction.  Nobody seems to know the exact details — until now.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they uncover the truth through this mockumentary/found footage 2016 release. Discussion includes haunted house theming, a lot of haunted attraction stories, why people feel the need to grab a camera to document their last living moments, and satanic clowns.  SATANIC CLOWNS (and Jessica’s purported affair with one).

HORROR NEWS: Munsters reboot, Saw attraction at Halloween Horror Nights, Garbage Pail Kids documentary

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5 Responses to Episode 257: ONE NIGHT STAND – Hell House LLC

  1. That WAS me outside of your window, mommy…I’m hungry, I want soup.

  2. Northegreat says:

    I tried to tell her, man

  3. Erik says:

    That was a pretty good One Night Stand, I never heard of this movie before till you posted it on here an had to watch it last night and I’ll have to say it was a pretty fun watch it did have a lot of things missing but it was pretty creepy in parts especially for me the guy who’s not a big fan of creepy clowns either (yeah im that guy lol) but I liked it and it had a simple plot that kept the movie going.

    I was wondering if either of you guys have seen The Houses that October Built? If not it is a good Halloween time movie that’s worth a watch about haunted houses.

  4. NortheGreat says:

    I have not yet seen that movie, but it popped up a lot in researching this movie so I will have to check it out. It’s in the running for our movie on the Halloween show

  5. Erik says:

    Ohhh nice that would be a good one for your Halloween show :)

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