Episode 227: The Vampire Journals

vampirejournalsIt’s a new year, a new movie, a new set of characters — same old podcast!  We are taking a detour from Radu, Michelle, their up and down relationship as well as Radu’s penchant for wearing his food on his chin.  Instead, let us sidetrack with a more refined set of vampires that run a vampire like brothel — maybe refined isn’t the right word.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and yet another mystery guest as they veer off into the great unknown to take on an entirely new set of vampires.  Topics discussed include poor decision making skills by females, Radu vs. Ash, Jessica’s crush on Radu, vampires and why they must see titties as they drink blood and powerful vampires that are easy to kill.

HORROR NEWS: Bruce Campbell’s horror reality show, Xenomorph merchandise, Friday the 13th The Game Update



You can find more of Chantel on her horror review website, dreadfulreviews.com

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