Episode 204: The Howling 7 – New Moon Rising

howling8Ever wonder about small town life?  Where everyone knows everyone’s name, there’s just one bar that also serves as the town’s restaurant and gathering place?  Here is your chance to explore that situation.  There is country music and line dancing. A lot of line dancing — at least until mysterious drifter, Ted arrives in town.  Then’s there even more line dancing that now include Ted. Are there werewolves in this film? Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and Channy Dreadful as they travel to Pioneer Town to report back on all the line dancing.  Seriously, there is so much line dancing.  Topics of discussion include: line dancing, the worst werewolf transformation of all time, making sense of the storyline, Pappy’s chili, retconning and female sex organs that look like a kind of sandwich.

HORROR NEWS: Ghostheads, King Kong prequel comic book, Stranger Things, The Dark Tower

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3 Responses to Episode 204: The Howling 7 – New Moon Rising

  1. Jonathan says:

    Awesome podcast, per usual.

    So just to be clear, Ron does not want to see ‘The Dark Tower’ film?

    Also, I’m really curious what the percentage is of Ernie Hudson fans that bring ‘Leviathan’ merchandise for him to sign.

  2. reszombie7@gmail.com says:

    No one should see the Dark Tower film!

    Between his work on Ghostbusters, The Crow and Oz, I am guessing Ernie Hudson has signed two items of Leviathon merchandise in his life!

  3. Dark Tower is NOT an action story, it’s a metaphysical exploration tale. However, there are some great scenes of action peppered in there. I’m particularly fond of the second book’s naked crime boss invasion scene. It’s a shame we won’t get to see that scene done properly…

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