Episode 184 – Child’s Play 2

childs_play_two_xlgWe are about to hit the meat of the franchise as Chucky comes back in an unfortunate turn of events.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they push through the second installment of the franchise. Together they will discuss the plotholes in the movie, this ambiguous voodoo ritual that created Chucky, why good guy dolls all look alike, the lack of cool kills in the movie, how can one die via being beaten with a ruler and even why Jessica thinks that she talks out of her butt.  It’s interesting.

HORROR NEWS: horror panties, more on the Universal reboot

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4 Responses to Episode 184 – Child’s Play 2

  1. Erik says:

    Good show guys, Ron you had me cracking up on Chucky is his worst enemy, dude top priority if im stuck in a fucking doll get the lil fucker switch bodies then go on an be evil if u want hahaha…..An ya going threw a front car window when u weigh 25 pounds at most of soft material way to funny lmfao, I do have to say I think the movies actually do get better thou guys if u just think of them as a comedy horror from now till the end of the franchise especially after part 3 cause the movies just starts making fun of itself an gets stupid creative killing people.

  2. Heather says:

    I do love these movies!!! I own every one in the series. But I prefer men taller then me lol. I use to have the Kid Sister doll. I got rid of her as soon as I saw Childs Play. She had red hair with two braids. There’s a movie not quite like Childs Play that has killer dolls in it. It’s called Dolls. They are little ones though.

  3. Dude, you’re off your rocker. You’re looking at this movie from a critical eye when the point of it is cartoon logic…that’s like trying to compare Wes Craven’s Scream to an episode of Disney’s Darkwing Duck.

    9 OUT OF 10!

    Premium cartoonish Horror!

  4. Northegreat says:

    Expect more from your horror. Fun horror is fun horror (Klown Kamp Massacre) but this was not fun

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