Episode 150: Alien Wrap Up Show

alienIt’s time to say goodbye to our friends from the Alien franchise.  No more Ripley.  No more Xenomorphs.  No more androids.  Celebrate the podcast’s 150th episode with Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and “Wildman” Willis Wheeler as they talk all things Alien including what they expect from the new films, the Top Five Deaths of the franchise, picking teams to face off against the Xenomorphs, Prometheus‘s strange marketing campaign, superheroes who have faced off with the Xenomorphs and ranking the androids!

HORROR NEWS: Fright Night documentary kickstarter, Paranormal Activity video game, game show, Hellevator


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alienFrom the Alien portion of The Great Movie Ride at Walt Disney World
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2 Responses to Episode 150: Alien Wrap Up Show

  1. Erik says:

    Happy 150 guys still my favorite podcast, hopefully 150 more + you guys entertain my day at least once a week thanks :)

  2. northegreat says:

    Love to hear it! I am hoping to bring you another 150 hours of escape!

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