Bonus Episode 18: How to Horror Up Your Christmas

santaAs the Peanuts Gang would say, Christmas time is here.  As a horror fan, it can be a confusing time. How do you celebrate and still maintain your horror cred?  Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd, Hammer and Channy Dreadful are here to tell you how to horror up your Christmas without losing that Christmas ambience.  Topics discussed include favorite Christmas presents, which Christmas songs are kind of creepy, what to get the horror fan in your life for Christmas, the beginnings of Christmas horror and the top five Christmas horror films.

Special Guest Christmas horror lists from directors Sean Cain and Chris Peckover as well as Horror Movie Podcast host, Jay of the Dead.

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7 Responses to Bonus Episode 18: How to Horror Up Your Christmas

  1. Hammer’s #1 Christmas movie is Die Hard. He has a reenactment of the barefoot on broken glass scene with his family before opening presents that might contain bombs they’d have to defuse before enjoying the gift.

  2. Ron had holiday hemorrhoids during this recording.

  3. Erik says:

    Top 5 Christmas Horror Movies

    5. A Nightmare before Christmas
    4. Gremlins
    3. Black Christmas
    2. Silent Night Deadly Night
    1. Krampus

    I mean I could add a couple more but their just isn’t really enough good Christmas horror movies to add in my top 5 and if I made a list of 10 I think that would be all of the descent ones out their.

    For ornaments besides that Evil Dead Ginger Bread house I made I have some Jack Skellington’s dressed as Santa, but that’s really it, most Christmas stuff I have is pretty normal which even I find is weird for me lol.

    Nice show thou guys much enjoyed even with Ron seemingly getting annoyed by some of peoples answers which was pretty funny 😀

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