Zombie 7’s Halloween Grab Bag – Series 3: Marc Summer’s Magical Mystery Tour

It’s time to reach into that Halloween Grab Bag one more time and see what we can pull out!  Today, let’s look at “Halloween programming” from Nickelodeon in 1986!

Looking for something to put out there for Halloween, Nickelodeon grabbed the popular host of Double Dare, threw him into a creepy magical mansion, gave him some kid sidekicks and let what may happen, happen. How did things go over? There’s only one way to find out…






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8 Responses to Zombie 7’s Halloween Grab Bag – Series 3: Marc Summer’s Magical Mystery Tour

  1. What about Ernest? People always let their kiddos hang with him…I still think that was weird.


  3. Ryan Seacrest was made in a lab from Mark Summers’ DNA.

  4. NortheGreat says:

    I think we addressed this in our Kids Horror 2 episode where we were questioning why parents would let their kids go into the woods with Ernest.

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  6. NortheGreat says:

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