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Rapco Monster Kits


Hey Monster Fans! Another big memory for me in the Monster World were these AMAZING candle making and plaster statue kits!

9These horror filled FUN kits would keep you busy for hours on end! When they were finally dry as a mummy you could then paint ’em up and scare ’em around the house with your friends!

I had a bunch of these on my shelves as a kid (yes, I must of had a lot of shelves) At night, you could light the candles for a chiller look at these monsterific creations!

3Rapco was smart and created these licensed candle and plaster sets of the Universal Monsters at the height of the monster craze. Who wouldn’t want a Frankenstein or a Creature candle? I had a Frankenstein candle still left at my moms house as recently as a year or two ago…BUT…she threw it out while cleaning up! UUUUGGGHH! THE AGONY! I should have just grabbed it but figured it wasn’t going anywhere. I want it back! I can still see it sitting there! AND……I want one right now!

Great kits and a super great Monster Memory!

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