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Cool Creepy Toys from the Past!

Big Set 2

KENNER: 1968 GLOW-GLOBS Glowing Monster Molding Kit

As a kid, I was fascinated with anything that glowed in the dark as I’ve mentioned here so many times…..so I had to have these! I still remember the smell this stuff had and the oily feel. It was very comforting for some strange reason? Glow Globs were the super cool glowing monster version of Gloppy Modeling Clay.
2Basically Glow-Globs were shapes of luminous putty in day-glo colours. I had the big set with the scalliwag, ghost and ghoulie and of course I LOVED IT! Before Glow Globs, everything that glowed in the dark glowed green only. This set had red and blue; the red was a little weak, but the blue was sooooo cool! I remember I would stick globs to the side of my bedside end table so I could watch them glow as I fell asleep.
GloppyThis stuff was very oily and had a strange, greasy consistency. I remember it well! The smell was unforgettable! Not a bad smell, but like Play-doh — it was instantly recognizable. I have a pretty mint package of Gloppy (it’s the same stuff but its Frankenstein Jr, Yogi Bear, and Secret Squirrel) but I can’t open it because it’s in really great shape. Too bad, because I really would like to smell it again. I haven’t smelled this stuff since I was a little kid. I bet it would bring back a lot of great memories. The texture/feel of them was actually like a soft waxy feel, not doughy like Play-doh. I had a million hours of fun in the dark of my room, as these things held their phosphorescence for a very long time. I got so many packages of this stuff when I was a kid I lost track of the amount! Thanks mom and dad! This stuff was glowing radical FUN!
Playing with radioactive plasticine as a child made me the man I am today!
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3 Responses to Unleash Hell 26

  1. Jan Griffiths says:

    I remember getting Glow Globs for my birthday in 1968 (Two weeks before Christmas). My parents bought me the big set, and Grandma bought me the small set. Believe it or not, I still have some to this day, and wear rubber gloves when I handle it, because it is a dirt magnet. My favorite color is the blue. Blue glow stuff made today isn’t the same at all–more like blue-green. I wish I had kept the packaging. I have a seal a meal machine, and keep the stuff in vacuum -sealed bags most of the time.

  2. Jan Griffiths says:

    And yes, it still glows, but not as long as it did when new. The glow only lasts for maybe 2 hours at most now.

  3. reszombie7@gmail.com says:

    Holy crap! That’s amazing that it still glows after almost 40 years! That’s a testament to how well toys were made back then.

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