Zombie 7’s Halloween Grab Bag – Series 3: The Pac-Man Halloween Special

pacmanOnce upon a time, there was a video game character that took over the world.  The yellow bulbous blob ate his weight in power pellets until he got a cartoon Halloween special. Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and Channy Dreadful as they take on another series of Halloween specials, TV episodes and movies in the third annual Zombie 7 Halloween Grab Bag.  We are starting the third grab bag off with a Pac-Man Halloween Special that aired October 12, 1982 and featured the Pac Family in the episodes Pacula and Trick or Chomp!  Enjoy!

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Episode 260: Wrong Turn 3 – Left for Dead

wrong2We are back in the woods of West Virginia and ol’ Three Finger is showing now signs of wear and tear from the multiple wounds he has attained, so that’s not good news for any who dare enter those woods.  This time, it’s a bunch of prisoners.  Yep, we are to the “inmate” movie in the franchise.  That can’t be good.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and Channy Dreadful as they traverse through the woods chained together trying to avoide traps that will hack their face off.  Topics include bad sunburns, unlikable characters, continuity plotholes while trying to maintain continuity and Jessica’s lack of clothing in amusement parks.


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Episode 259: Wrong Turn 2 – Dead End

wrong1It’s time to go back into the woods of West Virginia – the cannibals are reproducing at a fast rate!  Lucky for them there is a lot of food being provided for them via a reality competition show going on in their area!  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they go back into the woods to see if this is a better (in one case) or equal (in another) movie to the first.  Three finger is back to prove that you, indeed, can do anything even with disabilities.  In the meantime, World War 3 is actually going on outside of Jessica’s window offering layers of tension in both the podcast and the world!

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Episode 258: Wrong Turn

wrongFrom the depths of the ocean via an upstate New York haunted house, we find ourselves in the backwoods of West Virginia.  Something crazy is going on in the woods. Legend has it that wild cannibals roam the area killing anyone who dares to go near their territory.  A group of college kids is about to find out. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they take on this horror fan favorite from 2003.  They will discuss things like proper hygeine, how hard it is to kill a cannibalistic mutant, character motivation and Jessica’s love of throwing cans of soup at people. Yes, they are covering it all!

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Bonus Episode 17: Alien Covenant

Alien-Covenant-2A long, long time ago in a year that is still decades away, crazy shit happened and a robot killed a bunch of people!  Welcome to the prequel/sequel to Alien!  Yes, this is the world that we live in where we have movies that are both prequels and sequels.  There are many things wrong with that sentence.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they bring you this bonus episode for the Alien franchise. It’s this podcasts mission to cover franchises even long after we are done covering them!

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