15 Responses to Liveblogging

  1. Little Miss Horror Nerd says:

    I wanna see someone get their head ripped off dammit!

    • Marlee says:

      We&8r217;#e astonished from the expertise of the subject matter to your blog. I read your posts with bated oxygen, and then I think feeling hungry, because there are not enough! Compose upon!

  2. Little Miss Horror Nerd says:

    Not everything is about Porn weirdo!

  3. Little Miss Horror Nerd says:

    Yes Judy Greer is cute! I already knew this. And Debbie Gibson is not a great actress!

  4. Little Miss Horror Nerd says:

    I know! No one got their head ripped off :(

  5. Raven Faust says:

    do they all die?

  6. says:

    Can we have one movie set in New York where the Statue of Liberty doesn’t lose her head

  7. says:

    I remember when I looked like McGuyver. That was a glorious time in my life.

  8. says:

    You do love your murder

  9. says:

    Ian Ziering will NEVER ever ever remind anyone of Bruce Campbell

  10. says:

    It’s about time you realized I was too handsome to die!

    • Little Miss Horror Nerd says:

      I wish you had seen it. The boyfriend was you I swear. Either that or you wrote his lines !

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