Episode 78: Friday the 13th Part 8 – Jason Takes Manhattan

f8Yes, it’s time for the infamous movie where our hero journeys out of his comfort zone and into the not-so-friendly confines of New York City in the 1980s.  To help him figure out which is scarier, Jason Voorhees or New York — Ron has enlisted the help of regular podcast co-host, Little Miss Horror Nerd to dissect whether or not this movie should have been made.  They will discuss the weak deaths in the movie, how much should have taken place in New York City, Kane Hodder’s bad luck with Friday the 13th movies, associate Body Count Gang members, continuity problems, barrels of toxic waste laying around New York City and Jason as a retarded ape.

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5 Responses to Episode 78: Friday the 13th Part 8 – Jason Takes Manhattan

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  2. Little Miss Horror Nerd says:

    Why does it sound like Im inflating a bike tire at one point during the show?

  3. NortheGreat says:

    He makes a good point.

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