Episode 66: Werewolf of London

londonJourney back in time with us to the 1930s amongst rumors of wolf people devastating the London area.  A full six years before Lawrence Talbot would put No Shave November to shame, Universal released Werewolf of London — the first major theatrical release involving a werewolf.   Join Ron, Morty and Guest Host Stu as they battle the foggy London nights in search of this Wolf Creature.  All the while they will be discussing things such as Duck Dynasty, horny drunken cockney ladies, reverse werewolves, May-December relationships, The Monkees, werewolf makeup and letting your woman hang out with her ex.

Horror News: Roku Channels, Kickstarter Campaigns, DVD release of The Bat


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2 Responses to Episode 66: Werewolf of London

  1. Hammer says:

    Stu’s too hard on this film, compare the acting to a contemporary slasher film and this stuff is amazing! I would have been at like a 4.5, and the old women were cracking my ass up for sure. Also it struck me hilarious that once the doctor found out he would kill his wife is when he wanted to keep her home with him.

  2. northegreat says:

    That’s a solid point about the doctor. He was a bit stilted, but I agree that the acting wasn’t bad for the time period. As a product of it’s time, i thought it held my interest more than I expected, even if it got a bit confusing at times.

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