Episode 60: Hard to Die

hardWhile Hard to Die could be a phrase used to describe Jim Wynorski’s career, this week it’s the actual name of the next movie in the Slumber Party Massacre franchise. Join Ron and special guest host, Butts the sexiest ginger on the planet as they go through the movie that uses footage from Slumber Party Massacre and characters from Sorority House Massacre 2 and still can’t manage to keep the reviewers attention. ┬áDiscussed on the podcast as such absurdities as Orville in Orbit, movie mistakes, the new jean short fad, whether or not Gingers have souls, Gay Days at Disneyworld, Forrest Ackerman, semiautomatic weapons and lingerie from the 90s. Check it out!

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2 Responses to Episode 60: Hard to Die

  1. jessica says:

    what a mess this movie is. only good thing is Orville.

  2. Rick brown says:

    Canwt find you on cardsapp. Whatws your CBN?

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