Episode 49: Psycho

There’s plenty of vacancies at the Bates Motel where Ron, Morty and special Guest Host Sherry have taken up residency for the night. Things are a little strange here…the guy who runs the place is a bit creepy and his invalid Mother keeps peaking at us through the second story window of the house on the hill. Join us as we talk about the iconic shower scene, Alfred Hitchcock being a perv, the fidgety nature of Norman Bates, the movie’s influence on other movies and the definition of a transvestite.

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3 Responses to Episode 49: Psycho

  1. Bobby D says:

    I miss Hammer, this is depressing. I’ll hang in there though.

    • Nor the Great says:

      Hang in there, Bobby! Hammer will be back around and it might take a few shows for us to find a groove with rotating guest hosts. Meanwhile feel free to participate in the wrap up show if you have any questions/observations about any of the Psycho series!

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