Episode 267: Night of the Living Dead

As part of our Halloween releases, we release the first episode of the Romero …of the dead franchise with guest host Jay of the Dead. Unedited and uncut — two hours of zombie goodness!!

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5 Responses to Episode 267: Night of the Living Dead

  1. Great episode, learned a lot.

  2. Just saw the Dark Tower film. Should have been called something else as it’s barely using the source material. Felt like a large budget television show. They tried to cram so much in there that all their emotional moments fell completely flat. It’s an okay action movie, not a good one, just alright…pretty upsetting because I was really hoping for King’s epic to deliver some strong visuals to its fans. Maybe in another 20 years or so…

  3. Northegreat says:

    I feel as if I have made my thoughts on that mess well known!

  4. I’m on book 6 right now of the Dark Tower series, the further in I get, the more upset I become with that movie…why do you think King backed it? I never took him as a dude who lies about translations to his art. He should be speaking out about this mess. I’m also watching the first season of The Mist, it’s painful to get through…PAINFUL.

  5. northegreat says:

    King sold the rights to the story, so he had no say in how it was presented. I also don’t think his comments leading up to the movie were very supportive. They were kind of cryptic and if you read between the lines you could kind of tell that he wasn’t behind the project, but he may have stood to make a percentage of the profit or just decided he needed to respond because he was being bombarded with questions about it. I feel there will be another version of this coming at some point in the future — a better version.

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