Episode 265: One Night Stand – Lady Terminator

terminatorWelcome to the Patreon era of the One Night Stand!  Picked at random from choices made from our Patreon supporters, an Indonesian horror film that spoofs the Terminator. Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and making his podcast debut, the chooser of the movie himself, Cakewolf as they take a look at Lady Terminator in all it’s glory.  Find out the relationship between Jessica and Cakewolf! Succubus?  We have that!  Lasers coming out of eyes? We have that!  GI Joe?  We kind of have that.  Dick jokes and nonsense?  You’d better believe it!


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6 Responses to Episode 265: One Night Stand – Lady Terminator

  1. Where’s the play button, yo?

  2. reszombie7@gmail.com says:


  3. That Cakewolf guy is an idiot.

  4. erik says:

    Yeah I have to agree that the Cakewolf guy is a fucking idiot on picking stupid movies but he is awesome to listen too on the show!!! Great stuff guys but yeah not a good movie what so ever and I love stupid movies including a dumb Carnosaur movie with some Rifftraxx in the background lol.

    Good show guys :)

  5. Dildo Face Nelson says:

    Where’s the Next Wrong Turn Movie? What’s this Lady movie? Can you please do the next Wrong Turn please.

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