Episode 262: Wrong Turn 5 – Bloodlines

wrong4Three Finger, One Eye and Sawtooth are back in this sequel prequel terrorizing a West Virginia town with the help of Doug Bradley.  A bunch of stupid characters do a bunch of stupid things and get murdered because of it.  That can only mean one thing — it’s another Wrong Turn movie. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they head to this town for its annual festival but try to survived the abandoned streets while the characters around them get killed because of their own stupidity and Doug Bradley remains still in his jail cell. The show ranges from Little Miss Horror Nerd not even knowing what kind of movie it was to Hillbilly Saw.  It’s what the kid’s today would call a hot mess.

HORROR NEWS: Hocus Pocus remake, Tremors 6, Amityville Awakening

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2 Responses to Episode 262: Wrong Turn 5 – Bloodlines

  1. I’m pumped 4 Hocus Pocus, I plan to see the new Amityville in the theaters, but I will not stop listening to the show, ya fucker!

  2. Northegreat says:

    Keep it up and I will send Jessica to your house for a week!

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