Episode 261: Wrong Turn 4 – Bloody Beginnings

wrong3Ever been caught in a snowstorm and the only shelter was an abandoned mental institution where a great orgy of murder happened thirty years before and it still inhabited by three backwoods cannibals?  Count your blessings.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and the Padded Room’s Darien Brock as they take a tour of this facility with some of the dumbest young people you’ve ever seen in a horror film!  Learn the amazing abilities of barbed wire!  See the utter stupidity of letting the killers live just so they can kill some more!  Be amazed at the heartlessness of the young people as they would rather their friends die instead of trying to save them!  Check your brains at the door and join the fun!

HORROR NEWS: IT kills the box office, new Halloween movie confirmed, Ron tells tales of the Horrorhound Convention

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2 Responses to Episode 261: Wrong Turn 4 – Bloody Beginnings

  1. Darien & Jessica,

    It is NOT a “space spider”. She exists both in our world and in a place known as the Outer Darkness, which is esentially Hell (for lack of our mind’s understanding). Outer Darkness is the Deadlights, and the Deadlights are the Outer Darkness, which ultimately is what IT is.

    This multi-exsistant creature is more complicated than an outer space thingy. In Hindu lore, Gods existed in many forms, most having both a male aspect and a female aspect. Where the turtle of Stephen King’s IT represents creation, IT represents the opposite. We know IT is a she, as IT is birthing young at in the novel, and Richie is given some insight to her nature when his mind battles with her.

    Though there is no simple way to lable IT, I believe saying IT is a God of some sort (or the embodiment of destruction, a sort of living avatar) is a safe analogy that our human mind can understand. Because, ultimately, IT is beyond our understanding.

  2. IT was like a 4.5 or 5 for me…

    The mini series was more like a 10 for me.

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