Episode 258: Wrong Turn

wrongFrom the depths of the ocean via an upstate New York haunted house, we find ourselves in the backwoods of West Virginia.  Something crazy is going on in the woods. Legend has it that wild cannibals roam the area killing anyone who dares to go near their territory.  A group of college kids is about to find out. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they take on this horror fan favorite from 2003.  They will discuss things like proper hygeine, how hard it is to kill a cannibalistic mutant, character motivation and Jessica’s love of throwing cans of soup at people. Yes, they are covering it all!

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7 Responses to Episode 258: Wrong Turn

  1. The film aimed to appease the action oriented horror audience of its time while adding tonnes of cheap retro cheese. The amalgamation is strange for sure, but if you can accept films like John Carpenter’s Vampires, Ghosts of Mars, or even Deep Rising, you should feel right at home with Wrong Turn. My main issue is that they should have amped up the action if they were going to rely on cliches and hand of God storytelling. Hatchet 2 & 3 are prime examples of pulling off what Wrong Turn wanted to. Hatchet 2 & 3 kept the balance of over the top action with cliches and hand of god writing properly.

  2. 3.5/10 : its a popcorn movie to share with your non-horror fan significant other.

  3. Warning for you Ron, the new IT is NOTHING like the novel. I know you hate remakes and have a love for source material, especially King…so you may wanna stay away.

  4. Northegreat says:

    As I said in the show, my main thing I look for in movies is the writing. Your analysis is accurate and for a continuity/plot hole/motivation nazi such as myself, it drives me crAzy

  5. Charlie O says:

    Did you seriously just insult the movie because someone disappeared without making a noise!? Come on Ron. You nitpick the HELL out of a movie (for common horror movie tropes mind you!) once you’ve made up your mind not to like it and then just continue to beat the film into the ground. The vast majority of the complaints in here can be leveled at any number of horror movies you’ve liked / loved on the podcast. Let’s not pretend (for example) that the various Nightmare and Friday sequels that you gave good scores to didn’t have their fare share of continuity issues and plot holes (amongst scores of other problems).

    And furthermore it’s a slasher. A slasher Ron! You’re a horror guy, you know that when you’re going into this certain sub-genre that you’re going for the kills and the fun, not the story! Ughhh…

    I’m no fanboy of this movie, but that particular statement made me pause and comment for it’s absurdity. You need to smack some sense into him Jessica.

  6. NortheGreat says:

    I don’t see this as a slasher. Cannibal backwoods mutants seems to be it’s own subgenre. I am guilty of nitpicking more on movies that I don’t like, but not everything Friday or NOES is gold (everything post Friday 7 and NOES 4 I picked apart), but as I said in the podcast, if this were a better movie, I would have overlooked some stuff.

    If someone disappears without making a noise once, I would be okay with it, but it happened five times in this movie! The writer just is not a good writer, imo.

  7. Dildo Face Nelson says:

    Wrong Turn definitely isn’t a slasher. Its kinda like a 90’s made for TV episode of Buffy. Like a slayer’s origin story involving Mutant hillbillys, where the skeleton of the story is more important than the connective tissue. It’s what happens when a writer is either lazy or rushed to reach a deadline.

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