Episode 255: Jaws 4 – The Revenge

jaws4There comes a time in every franchise’s young life when some director decides to ignore a number of the other movies and take the franchise in a new direction.  This ultimately results in something terrible and podcasts have a grand old time making fun of such decisions.  Jaws 4 is this movie. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they take on one of the worst movies of all time.  They will discuss the ratings distinction from first movie to last, the un and re-retirement of Lorraine Gary for this movie, what Michael Caine had to say about the film, the complete laziness and ridiculousness of the script and the anger that builds up inside while watching the movie.

HORROR NEWS: really expensive tequila, Dave and Busters Alien Covenant marketing, Jeffrey Dahmer movie, AMC Visionaries

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One Response to Episode 255: Jaws 4 – The Revenge

  1. Matthew Fishgold says:

    I could just listen to an entire episode of the outtakes between you two.

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