Episode 254: Jaws 3D

jaws3Yep, this is where the franchise is at now.  Refusing to make a spoof of the franchise, Universal instead makes something that will be spoofed for the rest of it’s life. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they travel through all three of the dimensions that is Jaws 3D.  Learn why Dennis Quaid “doesn’t remember” being in this movie!  See Lea Thompson almost get naked before she would totally get naked in a later movie!  Hear the terrifying growl of the mama shark under water! Feel the stink of this bomb all over you.  You will probably need to shower after this one.

HORROR NEWS: Saw 8 trailer, death of Chester Bennington, Lena Dunham joins the cast of American Horror Story, Birdbox, Red Christmas

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2 Responses to Episode 254: Jaws 3D

  1. Erik says:

    Thats funny guys I remember my parents taking me an my cousins to see this in theaters when it came out in 3D, and I still remember my Dads reaction saying it was one of the worst movies hes ever see in a theater.

    Last November I bought the digital remastered in all new today 3D and ill say this it was really fun to watch that way, the effects really helped the cheese of the movie an a couple seens even made my girlfriend jump which mad me laugh pretty hard. But don’t get me wrong I now how stupid it is but its funny to watch in the new 3D format especially with a couple cocktails :p

    • Northegreat says:

      I dunno if seeing in 3D would have helped the movie or not, but if you’re going to watch it, you know it’s bad you might as well add to the cheese factor with the 3D

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