Episode 252: Jaws

jawsYou know whenever you go swimming in the ocean, you’re looking around for sharks constantly … even though you literally have a better chance of dying via vending machine than via shark attack and we all know why you’re looking around.  It’s this movie. It’s Jaws. Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and guest host Hammer as they go through one of the most classic movies in the history of cinema.  Before they talk about the shark — some big announcements are made about the podcast starting a store and a Patreon.  There are even announcements about a new upcoming horror review and podcast page. A lot of stuff crammed into this episode!  Learn the ins and outs of the movie that made summer blockbusters what they are today! Learn why Jessica roots for the shark.  Learn everything you ever wanted to know.  We are celebrating shark month — screw just one week!

HORROR NEWS: Castle Rock, Cult of Chucky, Tremors 6

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3 Responses to Episode 252: Jaws

  1. Hammer says:

    So I saw 47 Meters Down the day after we recorded this and they mention sharks attack from below. So Hooper’s hiding at the bottom of the ocean probably makes more sense than we have it credit for.

  2. Northegreat says:

    Me still no likey

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