Episode 248: Killjoy Goes to Hell

Killjoy_Goes_To_HellRevenge demons are a dime a dozen — maybe that’s why the less successful revenge demons get dragged in front of Beelzebub for being too nice just like Killjoy does in this episode!  Fret not because all of Killjoy’s friends are back to try and help Killjoy out!  And there’s a dude in really big pants!  All of this is covered by Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they travel to the depths of Hell in order to bring you this episode.  Ron learns of a couple of more fetishes that he has while Jessica is greatly amused by large pants and possibilities that lie within.  Is this a horror movie?  Is this a comedy?  It does have a clown, a succubus and a devil who is afraid of virgins so you make the call!

HORROR NEWS: Goosebumps merchandise, Castlevania animated series, Tales from the Crypt complete series

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