Episode 244: ONE NIGHT STAND – Fade to Black

blackIf you’re reading this, then you can sympathize with Eric Binford.  A movie obsessed loner who is just trying to find his way in this crazy world. What you perhaps cannot sympathize with is the murder spree Eric goes on because of being stood up on a date. Perhaps. Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and making his podcast debut, The Clairvoyant as they work their way through 1980’s Fade to Black.  Topics discussed include what strange things creep into Jessica’s mind when she thinks of a massage, Mickey Rourke pre-boxing face, making a living as a Marilyn Monroe look alike, Dennis Christopher’s career arc, messing up your Draculas and what did your room look like when you were a teenager.

HORROR NEWS: M. Night Shamalayan shared universe, death of Jonathan Demme, Pet Semetary documentary

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