Episode 242: The Omen IV – The Awakening

omen5It’s time for the Awakening!  What needs to be awoken is anyone’s guess. Damien Thorn has been killed but ten years later, a new evil finds it’s way into an orphanage and waits to take over the world!  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and resident Omen expert, Hammer as they take on this made-for-TV 1991 add-on to the Omen franchise!  Delia takes the place of Damien and tries her hand at school bullies, psychic fairs, merry-go-rounds and even babysitting. Learn the things Hammer won’t throw away because of money, learn what Jessica actually thinks slow motion is, caterpuppy vs. puppypillar and also — snake worshipping!  What else do you need?!

HORROR NEWS: Scream Queens cancelled, death of Gloria Charles, That

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