Episode 240: The Omen III – The Final Conflict

omen4Welcome to the Final Conflict — which is happening in the third movie of a four movie franchise!  Grab your seats and your Satan and/or Christ pennants and root for your favorite!  The Battle of Armageddon is upon us, so let’s take you to our announcers for the event, Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and guest host Hammer! If you had pictured the Battle of Armageddon in your head as some apocalyptic, winner takes all battle amongst the largest armies that have ever been seen on Earth — you’re likely to be disappointed. Think more along the lines of secret infanticide, ass rape and bumbling priests because that’s what you’re getting.  For the record, “bumbling” is not a strong enough adjective for these priests.  If you’ve ever wondered what happens in the alley outside of Jessica’s apartment, whether or not God can make a baby into a full grown man and how many animals Damien can control — this podcast is the one for you!!

HORROR NEWS:  Elisa Lam documentary. Vampire themed restaurant, Alice Sweet Alice remake,

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2 Responses to Episode 240: The Omen III – The Final Conflict

  1. Dren says:

    The freakiest thing about the case is this coincidence –


  2. NortheGreat says:

    That is weird!

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