Episode 236: The Mummy Wrap Up Show

mummy5All puns aside, it’s time to say goodbye to dusty old dirty mummies in Egypt, Massachusetts and Louisiana.  Kharis can rest in peace in the rubble of the building that he brought down upon himself — we ain’t messing with him anymore.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they discuss The Mummy franchise discussing items such as Kharis’s love story, The Mummy’s place in the Universal hierarchy, The Mummy as an underrated Universal Monster, why The Mummy is being rebooted first and again as well as our traditional Ten Questions With Jessica.

HORROR NEWS: Death of Bill Paxton, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Castle Rock

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3 Responses to Episode 236: The Mummy Wrap Up Show

  1. Erik says:

    Hey nice to see you back up an running 😁

    But as for the Mummy movies I have to say they are my least favorite out of all the Monsters, I find them boring, and I dont really have any intrest in theses over the top reboots these idiots are making.

    Good wrap up shiw thou guys!!!

  2. Charlie O says:

    Oh hell yeah, Earnest Scared Stupid is up next week!
    Time for Ron to rip on yet another movie I love… (going on your track record of hating seemingly every movie that isn’t called Scream or Hocus Pocus)

  3. Northegreat says:

    While this is not entirely inaccurate – I also like things named tremors!

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