Episode 235: The Mummy’s Curse

mummy3The year is 1997.  Back in the more innocent days of World War II during the 1970s, a lovelorn mummy and his bride-to-be drown themselves in a swamp in New England. Now the same lovebirds are in a swamp in Louisiana — don’t ask — to cause some cajun havoc.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and special guest host Hammer as they comb through the last of Universal’s classic mummy franchise. Learn who was drunk on the set the entire time. Feel the mummy’s rage!  What will be the name of the cult that betrays the mummy this time? Listen to Hammer try to bring up old shit from other shows just to argue!  What’s in those Louisiana swamps, anyways?

HORROR NEWS: Book on Children’s Horror, theme for next American Horror Story, Ash puppet, new Halloween movie

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