Episode 231: The Mummy

mummyWe travel all the way back to 1932 at the height of the Universal Monster craze.  Universal has had several hits and they have this actor that is very hot at the moment, Boris Karloff. What to do, what to do.  Make another monster movie? Take advantage of a surge of interest in Egypt? Yes!  This week Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd are joined by Karl “Yabang” Wagner to take a look at a classic Universal Monster flick, The Mummy. Topics of discussion include a possible attempted date rape in the movie, the strange story of Zita Johann, the lack of a mummy and 19th century English mummy unwrapping parties. Generally acknowledged as one of the great horror films — how does it stand up?

HORROR NEWS: Tremors 6, New Phantasm box set, Miguel Ferrer





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