Episode 229 – Subspecies Wrap Up Show

ssfWe have all been through the trials and tribulations with Radu and his fledgling, Michelle. From battling with one another, to reluctant acceptance, to death — three or four times, their story is our own.  But now it must end.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they wrap up the Subspecies franchise in a shoddily wrapped, barely recognizable bow.  Saying goodbye to Radu is tough, but they will talk about his place amongst the vampires of horror, is Subspecies good or just a product of lower expectations, a Radu action figure, Top Five Deaths from the franchise and ten questions with Jessica — it’s a loaded show, loaded with the usual bowl of crap!

HORROR NEWS: The Santa Clarita Diet, horror candles, Charmed reboot


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2 Responses to Episode 229 – Subspecies Wrap Up Show

  1. Erik says:

    Hey guys nice little franchise here, after watching all the films I did see all of these back in the day except the last one don’t think I ever saw that one, I remember Vampire Journals when I started watching it an wish it did carry over into the next film with him hunting Radu I think that would have made alot more sense.

    I would have to rate these in the order what Id watch again with the 2nd one Bloodstone being my favorite an then Bloodlust an then the first one with Bloodstorm being last.

    I see something about Part 5 maybe being made but who knows those idiots will probably just do a remake.

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