Episode 228: Bloodstorm – Subspecies 4

ss4Hey zombies!  Have you been having Radu withdrawals?  I have the remedy for you!  The fourth movie in the Subspecies franchise where Radu comes back from death (again) in most not plausible way in order to reek havoc on Bucharest and Transylvania once again. Oh, and Ash also returns from the dead (with not even an non-plausible explanation given) for reasons. Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and their final mystery guest of the season as they take a look at the final film in the Subspecies franchise and put to rest Radu and Michelle. Other topics of discussion include what constitutes an “episode,” who really wrote this movie, lots and lots of plotholes, the lack of the subspecies and of course, cats.

HORROR NEWS: Carrie Fisher, Pumpkinhead mask, Stranger Things Funko Pops





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