Episode 224: Subspecies

subspeciesIt’s time for a new franchise and what better way to go about it than a power mad, gruesome vampire and his handsome brother fighting over the kingdom — which is really just some old castles.   Oh, and there’s a bloodstone as well.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and their first mystery guest host as they travel to Romania to try and figure this one out! Hear them speak of things such as what sex toy the bloodstone looks like, what Jessica would do with tiny demon slaves, unfortunate haircuts and even the handsome brother of Vlad the Impaler.

HORROR NEWS: the death of Don Calfa, Escape from New York remake, Space Clown




You can find Darien Brock at The Padded Room podcast.



Don Calfa

1939 – 2016


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2 Responses to Episode 224: Subspecies

  1. Erik says:

    Holy shit a franchise i couldn’t remember if i ever seen it what made you choose this one Ron? its funny out of every movie you guys have done on the show I have seen an somewhat remember, so when I started watching this film bits an pieces I started to remember it had to be on Cinamax back in the day, an I think Ive seen them all but it will be fun to check something out you are doing that I really have very little memory of, cool pick thou man I use to love watching these shitty movies that sucked at midnight on cable but were fun to just check out for the bad acting an script, cant wait to watch part 2 when I get some free time to see if I know it, ohhh their going to be so bad lol 😀

  2. reszombie7@gmail.com says:

    Here’s “Ron picking which franchise to do next 101”:

    1) Need a B franchise after Halloween (the franchise not the holiday)
    2) Needed something with four movies between Thanksgiving and Christmas to accommodate our mystery guest tradition. (Just so happens there is five in this one because of some spinoff movie)
    3) Needed something readily available so all guests can access (these movies are free everywhere)

    *Looks on the list of franchises they haven’t done*

    This one looks good. Let’s do it.

    And that my friends, is how we selected Subspecies.

    Been on the schedule since March.

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