Episode 220: Halloween 6 — The Curse of Michael Myers

halloween7We have had no Michael Myers.  We have had emo Michael Myers. We have had retconned Michael Myers — so, what the hell, let’s give the guy a curse as well!  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and Channy Dreadful as they go through Halloween 6 and try to make sense out of the numerous plotholes, a different actress playing Jamie Lloyd, blood that never dries, the Man in Black, a baby named Steven, Paul Rudd, whether or not there are boobs and how things that run on electricity can still be going during a blackout.  Oh yeah, and the production on this film was so troubled, there is a completely different second film that was supposed to be the original theatrical release but didn’t see the light of day for over ten years!  They cover that one, as well.

HORROR NEWS: New Stephen King movie on Netflix, Dark Tower gets pushed back, horror TV props up for auction

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