Episode 205: The Howling 8 – Reborn

howling9For a franchise that has been all over the world (even Pioneer Town), has seen freaks and marsupials, just one rebirth is not enough.  Fifteen years after the most recent movie, The Howling franchise is back and is reborn!  Is this a good thing?  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they test the rebirth and see how it holds up to the rest of the franchise.  Topics of discussion include safety regulations for burglars, the perils of eating hot dogs and finding flammable items all over a high school!

HORROR NEWS: Elvira photo book, IT released on blu-ray, Bed of the Dead


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One Response to Episode 205: The Howling 8 – Reborn

  1. The bed monster…I remember an old episode of the horror anthology show Monsters that dealt with a bed monster.

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