Episode 203: The Howling VI – The Freaks

howling7We have reached the point that we reach with every franchise — we have reached the point of The Freaks!  A strange drifter heads into a small town.  One of two things can happen.  1) He has a steamy affair with the ladies of the town and erotica novels are created or 2) He is a werewolf tracking a carnival freak show to exact measures of revenge.  There’s only one way to find out what we’re dealing with here.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they make their way through the Freak Show to report back what they saw!  And in some cases, even some extra shit they didn’t see!  Topics of discussion include a cat in the movie (imagine that), the most boring werewolf in the world and freakshows — whether or not they still exist!

HORROR NEWS: A new Child’s Play edition, Saw 8, Evil Dead 2 board game, American Horror Story Season Six, The Dark Tower, Dreadful Reviews, In Tents

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4 Responses to Episode 203: The Howling VI – The Freaks

  1. Matt French says:

    I agree. Zero sympathy. If you don’t like what comes in the window then shut the window. Good episode.

    • Actually tenants are not allowed to smoke in common areas hallways, elevator , basement, lobby and i found out this week this includes the fire escape balcony. He’s smoking between two doors basically. Not to mention the fact that the hallway which is shared by 5 apartments fills with smoke when he does this. But I’m glad you liked the episode!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Having not read the Dark Tower series past The Gunslinger (which I read not too long after it was released and I was very young), I was planning on tearing into them here shortly before the movie came out. But now with everything I’m hearing about the direction of the movie I might be better off watching the movie first.

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