Episode 198: The Howling 2 – Your Sister is a Werewolf

howling3Someone’s sister is a werewolf!  Is it your sister? Is it my sister?  Is it Christopher Lee’s sister? The only way to find out and that’s joining Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd in covering the film that Christopher Lee has apologized for!  Welcome to the 80s, welcome to New Wave and welcome to The Howling 2!  Have you ever staked a werewolf or saw them rise from their grave in the middle of the night in order to sink their fangs into the neck of some unsuspecting victim?  Have you ever seen a group of werewolves chant and shoot magic lightning from their fingers?  Have you ever seen a werewolf kill someone with but a song?  Now you have! It’s all here in the Howling 2! On top of that at no extra cost, we will throw in werewolf orgies, wolves in sheep’s clothing and magical earplugs!  Listen now before it’s too late and this offer has expired!  Plus, find out who won the HORROR BLOCK OF STUFF contest!!!

HORROR NEWS: The Shallows from the shallow end, Mr. Mercedes optioned, Summer of Dread


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2 Responses to Episode 198: The Howling 2 – Your Sister is a Werewolf

  1. Erik says:

    I didnt win the contest? Damn what the hell? lol j/k, Good show guys ive seen this movie a couple times but with a funny commentary playing with it like Rifftraxx style.
    The thing I dont understand is how much they fuck this franchise up, its such an easy concept, ummmm.. werewolves? Why is it so hard to make a good werewolf movie its such an easy concept just stick to the basics it doesnt have to be complicated hell its got a great title too The Howling.
    But keep up the good work guys an goodluck this franchise its a tough one lol :)

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