Episode 187: The Seed of Chucky

seedfrontIf you thought that the ending of The Bride of Chucky was just a one off stupid scene meant to get a jump scare at the end of the movie, you’d be right…and wrong.  That dumb little creature that popped from Tiffany’s plastic unmentionables actually still exist and is the titular character in the next installment of the Child’s Play franchise (unless you count Chucky’s actual sperm in a turkey baster which we are privileged to see up close).  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they explore the exploits of Shitface and his parents pointing out the numerous and giant plotholes, feeling bad for Jennifer Tilly, rating the performance of Redman and discuss how Chucky masturbating into a cup destroys the franchise.  Enjoy!

HORROR NEWS: Update on Fright Night documentary, Beetlejuice 2, Gremlins animatronics, Slender Man documentary, Bite

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3 Responses to Episode 187: The Seed of Chucky

  1. Erik says:

    A Fucking 1? Hahahahahaha……. now that’s funny, man thought you would get a lil kick outta the movie but loved the rant at the end you had me cracking up.

  2. NortheGreat says:

    There were some things I thought were funny about the movie. I liked the Jennifer Tilly meta stuff, but in the end, this ruined any aura Chucky made have had left. Too much of a change in direction for the franchise to me

  3. Erik says:

    I do understand way to funny thou, Darrians part in the next podcast was great, He killed a guy with a fucking ruler “A” Fucking ruler Hahahah.. good stuff guys, but man would have loved to hear your take on the last Hellraiser movie so when u do get to that franchise Im thinking you will put it up their almost with Sleepaway Camp 4 lol

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