Episode 185: Child’s Play 3

Child-Play-3Play Pals Inc has to be one of the worst companies on the planet.  They have survived without the Good Guy doll on the market for eight years after the latest ‘incident,’ but can’t help to bring them back because they can’t successfully market anything else!  Such is the return of Chucky to his franchise that somehow ends up in a military school/carnival hybrid.  No lies. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they take on what is pretty much universally regarded as the worst movie in the franchise. Plotholes galore as the voodoo ritual which created Chucky is spread thin as well as Chuck’s ability to use a grenade. See how the military that is supposed to protect our country is easily thwarted by a sixteen year old boy!  There is a new lust in Chucky’s eyes and there’s only one way to find out who it is for!

HORROR NEWS: New Hellraiser movie, new King Kong ride at Universal, Norman comic book, Soska Sisters direct Rabid

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