Episode 107: Return of the Living Dead 2

rotld2Out of one graveyard and into another, James Karen and Thom Matthews aren’t the only ones returning for Return of the Living Dead 2 — Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd are back to walk you through all the wacky hijinks of talking heads with screwdrivers stuck in them, Michael Jackson impersonating zombies and even zombie hands terrorizing cars full of people. ¬†Listen to Little Miss Horror Nerd inject herself with strange substances on the air! ¬†Get your medical fix, horror fix and Jessica’s cat fix all in one place on this week’s show!

Horror News: RIP Robin Williams, return of the Garbage Pail Kids, EMP Museum Horror movie exhibit, NECA new Freddy Krueger figure


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One Response to Episode 107: Return of the Living Dead 2

  1. Todd says:

    Interesting tidbit on Robin Williams since you mentioned him. He was an actor considered to play jack torrents in the shining. I liked jack Nicholson but can see Williams doing it. Side note how excited are you for trick r treat 2?

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