200th Episode Extravaganza!!

We interrupt this podcast to bring you a very special episode….


In this super supersized episode of the podcast, hosts Ron Martin and Little Miss Horror Nerd invite on a bunch of regular guest hosts to take a look at the 1980s and 90s HORROR TRILOGY (not a franchise, but a trilogy!) Night of the Demons!

16-06-14-20-23-42-457_decoIncluded in between each segment are highlights from the past 100 episodes including clips from the coverage of the franchise for Alien, Amityville Horror, Child’s Play, Children of the Corn, Frankenstein, House, Prom Night, Return of the Living Dead, Silent Night Deadly Night, The Crow, Tremors and The Wishmaster.

Night of the Demons (1988) – Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd are joined by the original co-host of the podcast, Hammer, as they take a look at the campy demon film that started it all including stuffing lipstick in nipples, whether or not it’s okay to sneak peeks at your siblings and one dimensional characters.

Night of the Demons 2 (1994) – Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd are joined by Clint the Reckless and Darien Brock to run through the first sequel including invented Pussycam, the value of lipstick and the bitchiness of early Christine Taylor.

Night of the Demons 3 (1997) – Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd are joined by members of the Canadian Horror House, Channy Dreadful and Mr. Universe as they power through the final movie in the trilogy including changing the rules, bad boys getting laid and how far a car can go without gas.

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For all Channy Dreadful goodness, like the Facebook page for the soon to be released on the public Channy Dreadful Reviews website.

You can capture the elusive Mr. Universe over at the Whedonverse Podcast where discussions of all thing Joss Whedon happen.

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4 Responses to 200th Episode Extravaganza!!

  1. Erik says:

    Great show you guys!!!!
    Congrats on 200 episodes, Ill say this all your episodes are good but this one might be my favorite Ron all of you had me cracking up at work today especially the Clint an Darien part of the show it was a good match up with all 4 of you guys playing off one another. Well Ron, Jessica keep up the awesome work an hopefully an if your still having fun doing it 200 + more. Thanks guys for the great entertainment 😀

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks so much Erik! We are glad you enjoyed it. Ron worked hard on putting it together once it was recorded. I love doing the show & without it I’d never have met my best buddy Ron :)

  2. Jonathan says:

    Congrats! Great accomplishment and such a great show.

    I second how great the Clint/Darien pairing was.

    I find the first two Night of the Demons films to be a lot of fun. I would give them both a 6. I really thought I had seen the third one but after you described it I do not remember it at all so might need to check it out.

    And on the topic of Zoe Trilling, she was a penthouse pet according to her bio so there must be some form of naked pic out there.

    Once again, great accomplishment and very much looking forward to the next 100 episodes. This show is a bright spot for myself every week.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you so much! We are glad you enjoy the show. It makes me happy to know something I enjoy doing each week is a bright spot in someone else’s week! And besides like I said to Erik if not for the podcast I’d never have met Ron.

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